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Each Baleia brand has a unique whale drawn on the bottle. Taking inspiration from the many species of whales that can be found in the waters around the islands of the Azores.

Hand drawn by Lemon

Each design is hand drawn by our in-house artist Catarina Limào, also known at The Gin Library by her nickname Lemon.



Baleia Gin

Sperm Whale | Cachalote

This iconic photo of a whale diving below the ocean was taken in 2006 on our trip. It would become the inspiration behind the design of Baleia Gin. The Sperm Whale or Cachalote is the iconic whale of the Azores.

Whale Azores - Ali Bullock

Baleia Beer

Humpback | Baleia De bossa

For our beer we decided to look to the Humpback Whale or Baleia De Bossa as the inspiration for this design. Incorporating the waves of the Atlantic Ocean as well. The design of the beer is to reflect the Azorean roots of the product.

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Baleia Vodka

Orca | Assassina

Our vodka was designed with the Orca or the Killer Whale in mind. The inspiration came from a photograph taken by Nuno Sa of Orcas, swimming at the surface of the water at sunrise.

Killer Whales are seen in the waters of the Azores and as the design of the vodka is meant to reference the fact that it is distilled through the volcanic black rock of São Miguel.

Orca Azores
Orca Azores

Baleia Bus

“It could be a crazy idea…” What started as a simple conversation about drinks on the go turned into a much bigger and detailed conversation. And so, the idea of something special came to us.

And this would be something not seen in the Azores before. More than a normal vehicle, something iconic to all surfers and ocean fans. The iconic VW bus.


More details about the Baleia Bus coming soon.


“Through donations to the Ocean Azores Foundation, sales of Baleia Gin help to support marine conservation projects here in this the Azores. We aim to ensure that the whales in these waters are protected for generations to come.”

– Ali Bullock, creator of Baleia